Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Most Personal Blog Post Ever

So here we go.

With Boot Camp starting to get bigger, clientele picking up for one on one sessions and the absolute explosion of the website, I have a confession to make.  I have neglected my own body.  I have neglected my sleep, I have neglected a lot of things to try to become the best trainer that I possibly can.   It was a slow process over a long period of time, but the important part is I am recognizing and admitting that I have lost my way.  Just like many of us have done over the course of Holidays/Stress/Life/Etc.  I have gone away from a life of fitness and health.  While I have been helping a ton of people ranging from housewives, to Miss KY competing for Miss USA (See Story of Miss KY 2012 here) today, to business professionals across Louisville and even other states via virtual training for 21 days later....

I have totally let my body go to hell quite frankly.  I didn't realize it until I was looking at pictures of myself from the 21 day cleanse and looking at pictures of myself this past Memorial Day Weekend at the lake with my shirt off.  I was for the first time embarrassed.  I wasn't the one at the pool/ lake with the best body.  I almost wasn't even proud to take my shirt off.  One of my friends/followers on twitter showed me a photo a couple of weeks ago of Terrell Owens Avatar and it inspired me.  (See below)

This is going to be my goal for the end of the summer exactly.  Specifically this is going to be my goal for the next 60 days. To look something like this.  For the next 21 days I have developed a custom plan that I am going to call "Genesis", because I need to go back to my roots.  Back to the beginning.  Back to the start of what made me successful.  Which was putting myself out there like I did for the 21 day cleanse ((See My 21 Day Cleanse Result photos here) is the meat and potatoes. For the next month, I will be posting before and after photos each week/ bi-weekly to show you guys how you can come back even if you may have lost your way.  When I saw this photo of Terrell it reminded me of what my body was "similar" to back in the day.  

Two days after I saw this photo, I heard a Story about the traveler Francisco Coronado when he was trying to inhabit North America and the Aztecs. When he arrived on North American Soil, it is widely documented that he famously burned his ships to let his men know that there was no way out.  There is no route back...the only thing we can do is go forward.  The message was clear...... "Failure is not an option"  

That is the exact intensity that I will be operating under during these next 21 days back to back over a 60 day span with one week of rest.  As you can see....this is EXTREMELY visible, personal, and difficult thing to post.  Most people make a decision to lose weight and its them versus themselves in the privacy of their gym, their kitchen, and their home.

 In this situation if I's not a failure on my own account.  Its a public fail.  In front of 750....let me spell that out.  SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY people will see these photos combined with the 2k Facebook family and friends that I have on my personal private page.  So Like Terrell tells the opposing teams and the media......"GETCHA POPCORN READY"...enjoy your front row seat to fitness at its finest.  I will try to document as much stuff as I can so you see what it truly be proud of your body and your work ethic.  Impossible is Nothing.  And it is what we do best at BryensBootCamp.  

-Over and Out- 


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  1. I hear you! Its funny how one bad pic can kick your butt into gear! Good luck and thanks for the Terrell pic! :)