Thursday, January 26, 2012

Congratulations to our Client....Amanda Mertz aka Miss KY 2012

IF you didn't know.  This past weekend.  Amanda Mertz won the 2012 Miss Kentucky Pageant!!! 

What you may not have known is that she is one of our own...that's right....She is a client.  

Miss Mertz Started with us right before her pageant.  Specifically around the beginning of December.  She knew about our 21-day plans , she knew about the Credibility I had established as a personal trainer in the community.  And She also knew about me through other contestants that I was training in the competition (Ana B Rodas, and Chanel you guys! Get em next year!). She knew that I could get her in shape...QUICKLY.

With Amanda's permission I am going to post some of our conversations leading up to the pageant, just so you guys see HOW MUCH..I truly put into my profession.

First and Foremost....I contacted former contestants to see what kinds of things pageant judges are looking for.  What are those things? That's  a good question...I'm not telling you because you are not my client :) and I am not giving away that information I had to dig to get! Do your own research or hire me and I will tell you! LOL.

Initially due to the short time-frame that Amanda and I had before her pageant I had recommended her doing the 21 day cleanse in order to prime her body to run on its optimum performance and to also shed her of the free range radicals that she had probably been consuming in her daily diet.  She suggested a more informal plan that was not as strict to start.  If she was not seeing the results that she needed, then we would do the cleanse....

Clearly she made the correct decision to do the 21-day Cleanse  because not only did she win the pageant. She felt better.  Note also the date and time.  While everyone else was stuffing their face with leftovers from Christmas...Amanda was focused on one thing.  THE MISS KENTUCKY CROWN.  Admittedly I pitted Ana B RodasChanel Minnifield, and Amanda Mertz against each other during our training.  The message was simple....If you stop...if you quit...You are going to watch the other girl walk across the stage with your crown.  See an example below.

I really really really really really......really...wish all three of these contestants could win.  I could not tell you guys great it was to work with ALL of them.  They are intelligent, beautiful, and they would have done a fine job representing the state of Kentucky on the National level. Pageant committee you missed out not putting Chanel and Ana B in the top 15.  I'm just going to say that and leave that alone! lol. #OOPS.

But back to the champ!  I just wanted to give a shout-out and some love to someone who I have grown to know through training.  She always brings it whether in the gym or the kitchen and she deserved this crown more than anyone i know.  I shared with her in the celebration after the pageant as well...I let it slide, but don't get used to the bad eating!!! We have a Miss USA to win.

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