Friday, April 27, 2012

How does your "Brand" affect your "Revenue"

Admittedly I can take a cavalier approach to my boot camp and the training industry.  Sometimes I just "expect" things to come in or new leads to be gotten because of thankfully the great name I have built for myself over the years of training, helping people lose weight, and doing it all with class and professionalism. The cavalier approach to everything has stopped after reading a book that changed my life called "Brand Against The Machine" by John Morgan.

In the book he details:

1. How to get more leads
2. How to dominate twitter/facebook 
3. Why your previous marketing strategies have failed. 
4. What to do when competition throws you under the bus 

And many...many...many other things.  Let me give you a couple of my favorite quotes from the book and you be the judge: 

"There is only one element of your brand competitors can never copy.  They cannot copy you" (p. 71) 

"Regardless of what kind of product or service you sell,you are selling an experience.  That experience should be easy, fun, and remarkable.  It should be work talking about" 

"If a customer only does business with you because you're a steal of a deal, then they will leave you the moment they find it cheaper somewhere else" p110 

This is not a "fitness" book.  This is a "life" book.  If you own a business it is an absolute must.  The techniques used in this book have already helped me grow in just a short couple of months.  If you don't believe me...check out his site..... Brand Against The Machine (click here)

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