Sunday, March 10, 2019

Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

They say summer bodies are made in the winter. 

...I can attest that this is true. Most of us who have been on a fitness journey also know this to be the case.  In between March to May, you will need to make significant strides in your wellness journey in order to have your summer body ready.   This is also the time of year when people abandon their fitness goals.  Seasonal Depression. Work demands. Sporting Events. Weather changes and time changes as an example.  This stretch is the most critical, and yet it is always the most challenging at the same time. 

There can be a million excuses and reason that we traditionally and irrevocably quit during this time of year...but I don't my pricing to be one of those reasons that people abandon their goals during this stretch.  So for that reason...I am going to keep my introductory and cyber sale pricing as listed below for a couple more rounds of boot camp sessions. 

I want to ensure that I am helping as many people get to their goals and dreams.  Everyone posts their #BodyGoals on Instagram. Why don't you let a trainer show you how to achieve those body goals and help educate you on the ways to maintain your ideal body for your lifestyle and your goals. 

With that being said here are our dates for our next BryensBootCamp Session:


Location: 8th & Madison Avenue (Covington, KY).
Start Date: 4/2/19

Option 1 


1 day/Week for 21 Days

3 total sessions
The 21 Day Challenge 1 HR Long Class
 (25.00 Savings)

  • Fitness Class ONLY 

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    Option 2


    2 days/Week for a month

    8 total sessions

    Bryen’s Better Body Boot Camp- 1 HR Long Class
    (50.00 Savings)

    • General Meal Guideline included
    • Grocery Template included
    • Workout Plan by Body Type Included

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    Option 3


    2 days/week for two months

    16 total sessions

    This is the only offering for "Virtual" Training 

    The Transformation Package- 1 HR Long Class
    (100.00 Savings)
    ***Best Deal and Virtual Training Option***

    • General Meal Guideline included
    • Grocery Template included
    • Workout Plan by Body Type
    • Weekly Tracked Weigh Ins
    • Mandatory Before/After Photos
    • Pre/Post Fitness Assessment
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