Sunday, February 4, 2018

The 21 Day Challenge-Love/Hate Edition---CONTINUED

Before I get into the offering of this challenge, I want to tell you about where it came from and how it differs from the other 21 Day Challenges I have done in the past.  Typically in January of every year, I receive an influx of new clients in "quantity" for New Year's Eve.  And not to say that there is anything wrong with New Year's Eve resolutions, but in my experience it seems that the new years eve resolution folks don't tend to "stick" with with their resolutions after the 21 day challenge in January.  In my experience (again no shade to NYE resolution folks who keep their commitment), the people who start in February (looking forward to Spring Break/Derby/Family Trips/Sunny Weather/Pool Season/etc.) have this weird, insatiable....and actually kind of awesome..."chip" on their shoulder for whatever reason.  Bad breakups, glow ups, post baby, post holiday season, etc.  The February-May time frame for me is when I see my clients grow the absolute most from a "quality" perspective.  They stick with their plan, they are disciplined, they are motivated...that chip on their shoulder allows me to help motivate, train, inspire and take their work product to an entirely different level. getting into the challenge.  There will be standard things that you saw in the previous challenges (Workouts and Meal Plans by body type/Food Log Audits/Closed FB Motivation Group) but this time I am going to work with you on a secret metric of success....each week I am going to ask you to commit to doing one thing that you hate to do...but you know that your body loves.  Being able to keep a commitment, while staying on track, while also pushing yourself to a new standard of discipline will train your mind...body...and soul.

This will be challenging.  This will be difficult.  But this will also be worth it.  To be CRYSTAL CLEAR:

  • Before/After's will still be required.  A goal without measurements and tangible metrics is not a  goal.  it is a "wish." Photos are taken so you can track your progress.  You are encouraged to look at yourself week to week and see the changes (good or bad) that the workouts are doing to your body.  If you are noticing things that you don't like, let me know and I can consult you on adjusting certain things on your workouts or on your meal plan.  
  • You will still be required to post your weight every week in the FB group. It is an accountability measure and it allows you to be in a routine. 
  • You will still track all of your food and I will audit your food log and give you suggestions on how to make the next week better.  

FIRST WEEK: (Orientation, Video Consultation, Meal Plan/Workout Level Set)...For Virtual Challenge, it is a standard to have "Group" orientation to go through the plan with everyone.  However...for this special challenge, I will be having individual Video Consultations (OR phone call if you can't set a video time. Whichever your preference) with you to come up with a strategy, objective, measures of success (not just scale related).  This a big difference from my usual challenges. 

We will be utilizing some of the same tools and techniques that we have used in the past for the challenge, but we will be trying to make your plan a little bit more individual and tailor made to your needs through the love/hate component.

Tools Available:

  • Video Conferencing checkpoints
  • Nike Training Club App (if you can't make it to the gym) (Free) 
  • Fit Radio (to keep the tunes going while the pounds come off) (Free)
  • Interval Trainer App (Free) 
  • Weekly Challenges (within the challenge) to keep you motivated! 
  • Weekly Motivational Posts 

In this challenge, you will get a meal plan by your body type, a fitness plan by your body type, a private Facebook motivation group for accountability and motivation; and most importantly you will have a group of 10-20 other people going through the same challenge as you!

Let me teach you the fundamentals of fitness so that you can grow inside and outside of the gym! We will be taking sign-ups on a first come/first serve basis so... DO NOT WAIT...That's part of how you got here! Lol. Take the plunge. The only thing you have to lose is some pounds and some inches off your waist.

I will also be honoring my sweatbuddy deal for 2018.  If you can get three(3) of your friends to sign up with you....your month of @BryensBootCamp will be completely FREE....just let me know the names, and I will wait for their confirmation to come through! 

HIT THAT PAY PAL LINK (to the right)...and sign up!!!

 (NOTE: *you will be sent a welcome/orientation/next steps packet on Feb 16 2018)

ORIENTATION WEEK: 4/8/18 - 4/14/18
(NOTE: This week is used to get acclimated to all materials in your welcome packet)
START DATE: 4/16/18-5/6/18
(Note: The program is 21 days with the first week as a set up/Pilot Week).