Sunday, December 4, 2011

21 Days Later State of the Union Address we go...the secret is out. What is Bryen's new website all about?

When we rolled out the #21DayCleanse, admittedly I had NO IDEA that it would become this big.  But it did. And I am excited to announce the next step.  January 1st will be launched as an incentive based website for my infamous 21 day plans. For a limited time only, you will be REWARDED for trying my plans.  When you get the plan you have two options.


Buy the plan outright and download/print it from the website. Enjoy the plan.


Buy the plan.......but submit before and after photos to be eligible to get your money back that you paid for the plan (for a limited time only).  If you do well on the plan (which you will), you will get your money back.  "Doing Well" on the plan will be determined by a criteria.  If there is noticeable change and your photos meet all the requirements you will get your money back. No typo.  I REPEAT YOU WILL BE REFUNDED.

If you do OPTION 2 You will also be able to "Fund Your Fitness", where you can refer a friend via a coupon code that will give them 10.00 off of any plan. So not only do you get a gift for your commitment to fitness, you are able to reward and challenge another person to make the commitment to a new and healthier lifestyle for 21 days.

There is literally NO risk to try this plan.  This is why it is not a "resolution", it is a challenge.  I challenge you to become more committed next year, but do it 21 days at a time. Why 21 days? because they say that it takes at least 21 days to start a habit, but also stop a habit. Doing all of these plans will help you lose weight, get back in the gym, and become more healthy.  The reward based system allows you to do this without any risk.

So that's it.  That is the principle of 21-days later.  There are more things and releases, enhancements,and competitions for weight loss that I will be announcing throughout the year, but I will have to keep those to myself for now but stay TUNED! Hope you guys enjoy 21-dayslater!!


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