Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why sometimes it is good to be @_ClothesMinded_ (The Client of the Month)

I have many clients that I love dearly.  What I ABSOLUTELY love more than anything is when I have a client who really takes control of their life.  Doesn't make excuses, and shows me that they are committed to a life of fitness. This was definitely the case with Mr. Fitz Fitzgerald the always dapper Blogger for The Voice-Tribune Magazine (click for blog) aka @_ClothesMinded_ on TWITTER (profile) .  He started coming to my boot camp in the early part of the summer, and toward the latter part of the summer he really started dedicating his life to fitness.  He started with the 21 Day Cleanse (Click for info) while doing my Monday/Wed 6pm classes twice a week. I just wanted to take a brief moment to recognize a great client, an amazing dresser, and a great person in general that I have had a pleasure to meet early in 2009 and train in 2011.  Give it up for fitz the client of the month!!!!!! Not to mention the fact that I LOVE how his swagger changes in the photos.  Its "CRAY" #KanyeVoice.  Congratulations Fitz!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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