Monday, October 17, 2011

Big...IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! by Aericka Porter 9/19/2011

Let me tell you first that Aericka is not a client.  She is not someone I know...I know nothing about her at all.  But this was a motivational story for associates at work that I saw and I if people won't listen to me and think that my words are harsh and cruel...(when they need to hear that information.) Maybe they will listen to someone who is in the fight and the struggle just like them???? Hmmm...same message is being delivered here...except you can either choose to do something...or not.....but father time will catch up like i said before....You don't believe me Well "Don't Take my Word for It" #LevarBurtonReadingRainbowVoice 

By Aericka Porter on 9/19/2011 3:13PM

After years of over eating, months of procrastination, and days of thinking to myself, “this is the day I start!” I finally made up my mind to get healthy on the inside and out. It had all started with a job lay off.  After a few years of working my first official corporate job at the telephone company I was laid off due to a bad economy and the fact that no one really had use for the landline phone anymore.  I had picked up pounds in the months while I searched for a stable job.  I thought to myself a lot that this was a key time to go to the gym since I finally had the time but with everyreason I thought of an excuse to go right along with it.  At 5’5 and 190 I was far too close to that dreadful 200lbs. Finally I had landed a job at Humana, a company that I had admired for years.  I felt it was privilege to finally go and join a team that would allow me the opportunity to serve back to my community through the perfect service initiative.  Joining such a prestigious company I was quickly filled in on Humana “pro” self-health agenda so I began to get serious about my health and wellbeing.  I figured if we were preaching lifelong well-being to our members, I might start applying this tory to my life and so I did. Thus beginning a new balance and principle in my life.  I began working at Humana back in September of2010.  By December of 2010 I had lost 30 lbs.  I had lost so much weight in such a quick period of time I literally scared myself into thinking something was wrong with me.  The doctors laughed at me.  They told me what I done was amazing! The ytold me that 30lbs in 4 months was healthy and I was just fine.  So here we are almost 1 year later and I have kept most of the weight off. The vitality plan was introduced to me not long ago and I found myself wishing I would have waited a year with all the cool prizes and gifts you could win, bnut never the less I am still working towards a much lighter goal.  Vitality recommended I get down to 140 lbs at 5’5.  I am currentlyl 157 lbs.  I definitely more active about my health and I will continue towards my goal.  Vitality should be implemented everywhere. Thanks Vitality! 

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