Friday, October 14, 2011


Recently my facebook real family....everyone....TOTALLY LASHED OUT at me for comments that I made in my last post entitled WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES RIGHT (CLICK HERE) .  If you know me personally, have talked one on one with me during a consultation or seen some of my posts on my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE or if you FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER you should know that EVERYTHING that I calculated.  Every post...every comment...every stunt...every shenanigan has some form of a life lesson or marketing ploy lol.  So.... the point of my post and my main ideas/thesis was:

1. To challenge people THAT ARE OF ALL SIZES to become more healthy
2. To shed light on the fact that "beauty" does not MEAN healthy and that no one...Models/Carpenters/Housewives/Fast Food Restaurant Managers.....NOBODY.....should be hiding behind "beauty" masked for being unhealthy.
3. To also itemize the reckless school of thought with "catch phrases" to allow people to quit their active pursuit of a healthier life instead of tapping out and saying "well i'm just always going to be a whale so i might as well embrace it"

Now what ACTUALLY happened.  What did people THINK that I was saying before they actually READ MY ARTICLE.

1. Bryen thinks that only under 100lb women are healthy
2. Bryen thinks that even though it is hard for me to lose weight that I am just "being lazy"
3. Bryen objectifies bigger women by putting them on display

The first three are accurate. The 2nd set of three are defense mechanisms.  This is what happens when people do not want to hear the truth.  I put in my article this statement:

Unfortunately fitness is not just about aesthetics and arrogance and "looking better naked" is about HEALTH...which is VASTLY neglected in this post

So just right there with that statement it shoots what you "thought" you heard totally out of the water.

Secondly this excerpt.....

Guess what......NO ONE made you eat that brownie.  No one force fed you those cupcakes.  You were in control of yourself.  There are "skinny fat" people in this world who are out of shape as well.  Before you become exactly who you are writing about and start being prejudice against people who are doing something about their health and well being besides "eating ice cream" and comparing themselves to dolphins and whales remember that while you were posting this, the girl you were making fun of was fucking running.

Umm.....yeah...that's accurate also besides the typo in "prejudice" vs. "prejudiced" lololol. Note that I say that "there are skinny fat people" also.  This wasn't just an attack on people who are bigger....this was an attack on people who are not healthy and choose to not make healthy choices...EVER...not just sometimes...but EVER...and then legitimize their sedentary lifestyles with photos like this that displace beauty for health.  Its not the same.  NOW....take a look at THIS ARTICLE ON YAHOO! instead which talks about body images being unrealistically achievable by using a professional model and a plastic surgeon to mark her body (Marilyn Monroe body type) up to put it in the same proportions as america's favorite little doll.

Now THIS is a good example of showing how body images are destructive.  It does not say "quit" doesn't say "go eat ice cream with your husband on the couch" says "be careful"....which is a good message.  You should not be living for what other people think, you should not be living for what I think, or what your trainer thinks. You should be looking at the mirror and having a beautiful and healthy you looking back.  Whether that is 100lbs healthy you 200lbs healthy you or 140lb healthy you, that is your choice. That's your goal(s). But don't make an excuse for not trying by using some stupid catchphrase like "big is beautiful" or "i'm big boned" instead of simply TRYING.....just TRYING....that's all i'm asking...for you to be HEALTHY. Not beautiful...not hot.....not anything else...just HEALTHY. Now....I hope you feel bad for texting me and posting hateful things on my wall when I just wanted you to be a better you! So I'm going to say it again.....I'm sorry that i'm not sorry...and you are welcome.


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