Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EXCUSES, EXCUSES...Top 5 incredibly awful excuses not to get healthy (by Bryen)

5. Exercise Makes Me Too Tired 

-OK...I'm going to file that in the "duh" category.  What did you think it was supposed to do if you are taking your body to exhaustion? However, working out in the proper cycle of food, sleep and exercise can help energize your body and clean out toxins in your system.  Not to mention the fact that it can boost confidence levels which can help your overall self-esteem and appetite for life.

4. I Just Don't Have the Time to Cook 

-Do you not have the time to cook or are you not preparing yourself when you have the time? If you grab a rotisserie chicken from whole foods/ Kroger/ Wal-Mart/ anywhere that is unsalted and unseasoned and cut it into its proper leg/thigh combinations and put it into tupperware with raw vegetables, it will save you money 6.00 for the chicken....and then maybe 3-4.00 for the vegetables, but you are spending 7.00 each time you have that meal throughout the week.  Roughly people eat chicken about 3 times a week if they are trying to eat more healthy so it's the difference of 21.00 or 10.00 per week.  Per month that's 40.00 of savings.  So now I am saving you time and money.  Which brings me to the next point.....

3. I Cant Afford to Eat Healthy 

-This...is....FALSE.  There are PLENTY of ways that you can eat healthy while still on a budget I wrote an article about it HERE  that shows the specific ways you can cut corners at the grocery store.  This is one of the most common misconceptions about eating healthy.  Frozen veggies are MUCH cheaper than the raw/ organic vegetables....They aren't as beneficial for you as the raw and organic, but that doesn't mean you give up and go to McDonalds....I hope you are not reading this eating McDonalds b/c you gave up today either.  If so please put the burger down until I finish my countdown.... thanks!

2. I Am Just Gonna Gain Back the Weight I Lose  

-Have you ever heard of the "self fulfilling prophecy?"  It is the notion that if you believe in what you think, you will become what you think.  Aka "if you believe it you can achieve it".....Yes if you believe it you can achieve it.  But if you think you are going to fail you are 100% correct.  It is not your personal trainer's job to "make you" want it all the time.  It is their job to motivate your will.  If you have no will there is nothing I....nor another trainer will be able to do for you.  You have to want it for yourself.  For the person looking back at you in the mirror.  For your Doctor's appointment. For your wedding.  For your life.  It is your will that gets you through plateau's.  Take steps to make sure that you DON'T gain the weight back.  Keep a log of successful habits and know what you did differently than before.  What works for some won't work for all.  Make it your own and keep progressing!

1. I Am Just Too Busy 

-No....you are not too busy.  Your priorities are elsewhere.  Understandably there are significant others, kids, work deadlines that can be problematic....HOWEVER.....it is your utilization of time and resources that allows you to win WITH fitness or continuously battle it.  When I hear "I am to busy" I also hear "I am too lazy"...ok...lets go with that.  If you are lazy...do lazy things to help combat the problem.  Don't just say screw it.  Try this.  Set an alarm on your phone to tell you when you need to work out.  Or download the NIKE BOOM iPhone/Blackberry/EVO phone app that can actually time your workout so that you don't spend too little and not too long in the gym.  It also even has coaches give you motivational quotes throughout your workout directly through your earphones!!!! When your workout is over.....hey....leave.. You handled your business for the day.  Keep it moving with your kids/wife/husband/projects/math homework/etc.  Remember fitness is not supposed to hinder you...It is supposed to help you throughout your life.  In all of these examples above on this countdown holds the same fundamental truth that I preach to my clients and has been used over and over again....

"Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail" 

-John Wooden

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