Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Client Testimonials THESE ARE ONLY 21-30 DAYS of my program

RACHEL DAY 1 137LBS....Day 21 128 lbs 

 Erica Day 1 - Day 21

"This bootyblast program was a definite challenge! I even had a guy friend join me one day and he could not keep up!! It will definitely "kick your butt" into shape!
Schedule conflicts kept me from doing it all the days during the 21... days, but I will say I am happy with the results and will continue to use this as a part of my exercise routine!"

 Patrick Powell NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE ONLY DAY 1-21 (DAY 1 - 245 DAY 21 -226)


DAY 1    231
DAY 21  214

"I love you but my bank account hates you now that I have to buy all these new clothes.  Thanks and no thanks lol. "

"The workout was challenging, super intense, and required dedication. The results are incredible, especially considering the fact of the regimen being only 21 days. I continue to do the routine and would HIGHLY recommend it (esp for ladies)"

-Tina DePass 

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