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"Why I ate McDonalds" (Fast Food February) :::written by Bryen:::

I ate McDonald's Today....a confession made by a personal trainer who prides himself in making the best choices that you can within every sit down of a meal.  My meal consisted of 4 items off of the dollar menu.  It was unforgivable...for me...But unfortunately this is the status quo for many persons of colors due to economic and societal factors.  Today I want to briefly discuss racial disparities and their effect on foods and also fitness.


  • The hypertension (high blood pressure) rate among African-Americans compared to whites in the United States is 40 percent greater.
  • The diabetes incidence among Hispanic men compared to white men in the United States is 53 percent greater.
  • The incidence of obesity among African-American and Mexican-American women compared to white women in the United States is 45 percent greater.
  • The diabetes incidence among Hispanic men compared to white men in the United States is 53 percent greater.
  • The diabetes incidence among African-American men compared to white men in the United States is 69 percent greater.
  • The diabetes incidence among African-American women compared to white women in the United States is more than double.
  • The diabetes incidence among Native American women compared to white women in the United States is more than triple.   
This is how persons of color stack up in the fitness world....I know right? Pretty awful.  

But lets look and analyze some things quickly.  "Injustice" is not always in the form of something overt.  Sometimes it can be in the form of neglect.  For example.  Federal FDA guidelines always state for African Americans to eat a certain recommendation of Calcium, citing milk/cheese/dairy as the main benefactor.  Well... OK...true...but did you know that milk and dairy, specifically for persons of color can cause stomach pain and gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, intestinal gas and other uncomfortable feelings? 

This is why the company ISOPURE was made.  To make a product that minimized these side effects with things like whey protein and other vitamin D sources that traditionally can wreak havoc on your GI Tract and as Dave Chappelle stated can lead to the dreaded....."Mud Butt" lol.  And this isn't just "us" (blacks) that are lactose intolerant.  

Native Americans (95%).  Asian Americans (90%). Hispanic Americans (60%).

Now did you also know that African Americans already traditionally eat such foods as Kale/Collard/Turnip Greens, which are ALREADY high in calcium....and it won't send you to the bathroom faster than Deion Sanders at the NFL combine in the 90's?   Why isn't the government telling "us" these kind of things.  Why is there no education on this detail in the schools? I'm glad you asked that brings me to my next point. 

90 percent of the 4 Billion Dollar Budget for "National Schools" (Public Schools) is used for Ground Beef (not lean), Ground Pork, Whole Milk (not skim, or even 1%), High Fat/High Sodium Cheeses and eggs. 

Most schools that offer privatized meal plans versus general slop with low nutritional value and things that are not "whole" foods. (not the corporation), are private schools.  Unfortunately due to urban economic status many of the aforementioned children coming out of these areas will never be able to get this form of education leading them to a life of fast food and bad choices.  

So how do we break these choices? Simply...stop eating it.  The food industry is very smart and a multi-billion dollar industry.  They do market research.  They know what you want and know what you like.  Why do you think Starbucks has oatmeal now? Why do you think McDonald's stopped selling "super-size" ("Super-Size Me" Movie). Wendy's just launched a nation-wide "all natural" campaign and is now offering breakfast when they no longer did.  Subway is launching 300 calorie breakfast sandwiches under the premise that "their breakfast is healthier than McDonald's", which for the most part it is...but its still not providing you with "whole" food sources.  So these changes I just mentioned show you that YOU CAN CHANGE THE INDUSTRY.  It's not a seller's market like they make it out to be.  Its a buyers market.  You don't buy it....they can't sell it.  They make what you want.  Period.  McDonald's and others will comply; they have to if they want to make money. Like I tell my clients you control your own destiny. Not them.  

Which brings me back to the initial reasoning of me eating McDonald's today.  I wanted to walk one day in the shoes of a kid in the urban school system who has no choice but to eat foods that make him sick.  I wanted to walk in the shoes of a person who doesn't know what healthy food choices are, they just know that its readily available and it says "reduced fat" on the cover.  

I walked a mile in your shoes.  Now I want you to walk a mile in mine.  So here we go......

For the entire month of February I want to run a campaign for my readers, my friends, and my clients called "FAST FOOD FEBRUARY" in which you make a pledge to NOT EAT ANY FAST FOOD FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF FEBRUARY.  If it has a drive-thru...don't eat it...If you have to question if it is classified as "fast food" guess probably is. 

With that being said...I am not cruel and for this reason I will give you ONE weekend only to have ONE meal that is a form of fast food. I would like for you guys to upload photos/ post comments on my Facebook Page or  Twitter Page if you are keeping up with the Fast Food February Challenge.  


Thanks for Reading and of course...



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