Monday, June 7, 2010

Who Needs Milk When You Have Beer To Strengthen Bones??!!!

What do you think of when you think of having a brew.  Beer Belly...Beer Gut...etc? All negative connotations unfortunately.  Well maybe not for long. 

Beer actually contains "silicon", which is a mineral that helps protect your bones. According to a new University of California study, Beer has more silicon in it than fruits and vegetables. 

It is also high in B vitamins and antioxidants.  So what's the bad news...? it's still beer and it has 200 calories per 12 oz class so don't go for the oatmeal stout, you want to jockey back and forth between this beer and water in order to help keep your waistline in tact.

And don't go crazy over this one article lol. As with most things, it is all about "moderation."

***always remember to drink responsibly***


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