Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tyler K Workout 4-20-10

DB Chest Press 3x12 (22.5)
DB Tricep Ext 3x12 (12.5)

DB Incline Bench Press 3x12 (25)
Pushups 3x12

Tricep Kickbacks 3x8 (10)
Tricep Pushdowns 3x8  (40)

Full Situp 3x15
Bicycle Kick 3x12
Leg Raise 3x10
Roman Chair leg raise 3x10
Cardio: 20 minutes @ 4.7

Workout 2

Shoulder Press 3x10 (25)
Lat Raise 3x12   (10)

Front Raise 3x12 (10)
Arm Swings 3x12

V-Ups 3x10
Crossover Oblique Crunch 3x12
Plank 3x :40s
Side Plank 3x :30

Superset the pairs with a 60 sec break in between.  i.e. (front raise then arm swings with no break, and then you take a 60 sec. break after it and repeat the rest of the sets in the same manner.)

Cardio: 20 minutes @ 5.2

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