Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Crash Diets Will Crash and Burn your Fat Loss Goals

First and foremost how do we identify a crash diet? 

-A diet that gives only a small range of options
-A diet that is not well balanced
-A diet that is fixated on only one ingredient which usually is in every meal of the day
-A diet that makes unrealistic promises in a short amount of time
-A diet less than 1,200 calories

These diets will get you to COMPLETELY cut out certain foods on certain days of the week, and then adding them again at a later moment to help speed up weight loss.  Sometimes these diets are slated for people to lose up to 10 pounds per week. These diets also ask you to stop working out because you will not have enough energy to go through a full workout based on the sharp decrease in caloric intake.

When you eat these options (although limited on the crash diets) your body senses the fact that you are starving yourself and immediately goes into storage mode in defense to hoard your food to prevent the eventual loss of muscles.  These diets also take out essential Nutrients such as protein, so when your body has nowhere else to go it will start eating away at your muscle.  These diets also slow down your natural metabolism which can lead to a catapult in weight gain once you start eating your regular diet again. 

Besides the effects to your body it can also affect your mind.  When your body is in deprivation mode your brain is not fed, which can make you sluggish at work and very tired overall.  My best advice to you is to put down the tabloids, start picking up the grapefruit and get to the gym!!



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