Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can You Get Fit By Watching TV??

You've heard it a million times before.  "Don't watch TV while you do your cardio"....

Of course to get the MOST out of your workout, you have to focus on the task at hand but what if you really, really......(really) don't like cardio? Use the TV on your EFX/ Treadmill to your advantage. 

Instead of letting magazines or television inhibit your workout, do things to make your cardio more interesting.  For example.  Read one page while maintaining your current speed and then make a promise to increase your speed as soon as you get to the next page. 

If you are watching your favorite TV program at the gym, try doing interval training by speeding up the pace during the commercial breaks and then lowering them again when you get back to the program.

Even better keep your treadmill going and do elevated lunges on the treadmill while still watching your program and hop back on and continue your workout.

Again.  Staying FOCUSED on your workout is always going to be the best thing I will recommend, but this is a good way to have your workout and get off the couch at the same time!


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