Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Top 5 Health Mistakes Made by Women's Fitness Elite

5. Your Faucet Is Set To The Same Temperature

-Seriously Bryen?  Dead Serious. Hot showers are fantastic, but differs when it comes to consuming water.  Water is more likely to contain lead when heated, the EPA even reports that 15% of our lead exposure comes from water.  Watch out guys.  Hot water in showers to get rid of bacteria...Cold water to help lower the lead risks.

4. You Avoid The Scale

-I tell my clients all the time that there are two kinds of people.  The scale people and the mirror people.  The Mirror people do not like the scale as long as they look great in the mirror.  The Scale people could care less what the mirror shows, but freak out if they gain 1 lb of muscle.  You want to be right in the middle of these two schools of thought.  Try weighing yourself once every couple of weeks or once a month to level set and make sure that you are achieving your fitness goals.

3.  Assuming Home Cooking is "ALWAYS" Healthier

-This is another one that may have you scratching your head.  Look at "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook.  They found in a Cornell study that the recipes from the Joy of cooking (made in the 1930's) has dramatically increased in portions and calories over the past years.  Cornell found this increase to actually be 40% more than their original print in 1930. Make sure that you are checking calories and Protein/Fat/Carbs as the main three to consider.

2.  You Don't Lift Weights

-This is what I hear from my clients on their consultations as #1 requirement.  "Please don't make me look like Hulk Hogan" ..."I don't want to be a bodybuilder"....etc.  Scientifically most Women do not have the genetic components to get as big as bodybuilders without additional help (steroids/testosterone/etc.) according to the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Lifting weights and doing high reps actually adds toward muscle tone and promotes overall strength.  This is critical to having arms "like cameron diaz" as many of my female clients have requested of me :o).

1.  Your Friends Have Bad Health Habits

-I should have capitalized this lol.  I can't say this enough.  It is very important for your friends to want the same goals as you.  It is important for your friends to be on the same track as you.  So important that if they are on the unhealthy track it can increase your risk of gaining pounds by 57%.  And if this friend just so happens to be your same gender.  You can go ahead and tack on some more percentage points (71%) according to Harvard University. Happy Hours...Dinner Dates....Friends In Town...we all know the symptoms of this, but how do you fix it? Get a backbone.  You need to stand up to your friends and make them realize that if they are truly your friends they will not force you to do something that will de-rail them from their goals.  If it is important to you, and they are your friend.  It will be important to them.  Who knows...maybe you can influence them to follow a more active and healthy lifestyle.


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