Saturday, July 17, 2010

Are You Getting TOO Much Protein?

Many people, including myself promote protein to their clients.  It is a great thing for your body and an essential building block for muscles to develop in the proper way and to grow/ recover. But what is the difference between a natural protein and a synthetic protein that is produced in such things as Muscle Milk/ EAS/ and Gold Standard Whey?

Answer: Arsenic which is a poisonous metal, Lead/Cadmium which can be used for batteries,

In this recent CBS news press release on powder protein drinks it reviews the aforementioned products and found abnormally high levels of these three different products.

The best recommendation is to get your most natural forms of protein in your body.  Protein shakes are a good supplement to get your protein on the go, but they should in no way shape or form be used as a crutch, or substitute for the real thing.


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