Sunday, March 28, 2010

Workout of the Week! (W.O.W) Specializing in Agility/Power and Speed

The object of these exercises are to help your ability ofr explosive movements in sports like basketball, football, soccer, track and field, just to name a few.  It uses "speed ladders", but if you wanted to tape the ground you can make your own The purpose of using the ladder so so that you go through it as fast as you can without touching anything. 

Mountain Climbers to Sprint (40 yds)

Inchworm 3x10 ("1" counts when you are flat again.)

Single Legged Depth Jump 3x12

Ali Shuffle 3x12 (up and back is "one")

Criss Cross with Ali Hand Shuffle 3x 3 (3 passes this one is hard)

Ickey Shuffle 3x12 passes

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