Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 Ways to Cut 100 Calories at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


5. G with a whole wheat english muffin (130c) rather than a plain white bagel (289c) Also watch your jams and jellies.  Many have additives and preservatives.  Go as natural as you can with these.

4. Go with half of the banana in your morning cereal instead.

3. Scramble an Egg-White Omelet instead of using the whole egg. This will save you 70 calories per egg.

2. Use one breakfast sausage instead of 3

1. When you HAVE to cheat, or you feel the need to get a muffin, only eat the top, don't eat the base.


5.  When eating soup, go for a veggie based soup such as a cup of minestrone. 

4.  Don't eat lunch at your desk.  There have been many studies showing that eating at your desk idly watching a computer screen can lead to more mindless eating when you are already full

3. Sub your french fries for sweet potatoes

2. Go Greek! Stay away from the American/Sharp/Cheddar Cheese

1. Use Tuna/Fish that is packed in water and not oil


5. Steam Spinach instead of saute'ing

4. Sub for whole wheat linguini and ditch the alfredo sauce if you are ready to ditch your un-wanted weight for good.

3. Eat your vegetables first, and double up on them.  Have more veggies than meat on your plate. 

2. Slow Down and you will eat less.  15 minutes is when your mind tells your body when it is actually full, so if you are eating fast, you may over eat unknowingly.

1.  When at a restaurant always order the salad/food with the sauce on the side so that you can liberally put as much as you need on there and not all of it.

***oh and just in case you were wondering the colors do mean something. Breakfast is green because that is when you have the green light, lunch is when you are monitoring your cals throughout the day the most usually and so it is yellow. Red is dinner because it has to be critical that you not eat at this point, you only have about roughly 4-5 hours before you go to sleep to burn your calories off so that is why you want to keep that in mind and why it is Red***

Hope this helps everybody! 


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