Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tyler K workout 2-9-10

Workout 1


Plank. 3x20sec
Russian Twist. 3x12

Cardio:2 min walk
1 min run
2 min walk
1 min run

Workout 2

High Knees. 3x35sec
Lunges. 4x15
DB Stepups. 4x15(15)

Ab Crunch. 3x15
Reverse Crunch 3x15
Bicycle Kick. 3x10

Workout 3

Modified Pushup 3x10
Tricep Dip. 3x10
Tricep Ext. 3x12

CARDIO: 2 min walk
1 min run
2 min walk

If u end up playing ball on sunday as we had discussed:

Missed FG-10 crunches
Missed Layup-10 pushups
Missed 3pter-10 Jump Squats

Note: whoever scores on you, count up their points and multiply by 2. That is your seconds total for your plank at the end of the game.

If he scores 6 points. 12s plank. If he...or she :) jk scores 7 pts..14s.

Hope u enjoy this! Let me know what u complete.

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