Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Savannah Workout of the Week 1-6-10

Workout 1

Chest Press 3x12 (20lbs)
Tricep Ext 3x12 (15lbs)
Pushup to Plank 1 Full Minute
Bent Over Row 3x12 (25 lbs)
Bicycle Kicks 3x10
Jumping Jacks 20 jumping jacks superset in between all exercises

Workout 2

Lunge w/ Curl 3x12 (10 lbs)
Prisoner Squat 2x20
Side Lunge 3x12
DB Snatch 3x12 (20lbs)
Deadlift 3x12 (25lbs)

Cardio 20 min walk/run....(more run than walk)

Workout 3

Burpees 3x12 (15 lbs)
Lateral Raise 3x12 (10 lbs)
Juming Squat 3x15
Plank :35 (all sides)
Toe Touches 3x10

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