Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Workout of the Week!

This has to be done on a track. This was performed today at Urban Active's track on Shelbyville Road.

2 lap warmup
Suicides Maximum Effort 60 yards.
Long Jumps (land quiet) on the short side of the track
40 yd dash on the long side of the track
Wall sit at that corner :30 seconds
Russian Twist at same corner 1x10
Oblique Crunch at same corner 2x10
1 full lap of high knees on the short side of the track and full on sprint maximum effort on the long side of the track. No stopping, one into the other High Intensity Interval Training style.
2 lap cool down
Plyometric weighted box jump using life fitness cables 1x10
Bulgarian split squat 2x10
Leg Curl 3x10

This workout does not 'seem' that bad. But TRUST ME if you are doing it the right way and with maximum effort on all of the exercises. It is a tough one.

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