Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jenny B/ Lindsey S Weekly workout 10-29-09

Workout 1

Modified pushup. 3x12
Diamond pushup. 3x12
Chest Fly. 3x12
Tricep extension. 3x12

Ab Crunch. 3x15
Toe touch. 3x15
Bicycle Kicks. 3x :30s

Workout 2

Lateral DB raise. 3x12
DB arm swings. 3x12
DB Shoulder Press. 3x12
Pushup DB Row. 3x12

Russian Twist. 3x12
Leg raise. 3x12
Bicycle Kicks. 3x20
Plank (all ways). :35s

Do these all in order as they appear one time through the circuit and repeat.

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