Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mark Clayton Legs Workout for explosive power

1.Squat 2x10-these two normal down slow. Explode on the way up.
2.Single Leg Squat 3x10 with barbell.
3.Depth Jump 3x20 reps
4.Prisoner Squat 2x50 reps.
5.Jumping Lunge 3x10 reps
6.Frog Jumps 2x20 reps
7.DB stepups with 5 risers underneath 3x10
8.Bulgarian Split Squat 3x10 45 lb plate in your chest cradled.
9.One-Legged Burpees 30 reps

1st-3rd week perform odd exercises.

4th-6th week perform evens in a row.

7th-9th week repeat weeks 1-3, but add more weight and drop repetitions by 2 on each set.

Any questions?

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