Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Trainers think the FDA is so "CORNY" (a cautionary tale)

Everyone knows what HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP is right? And that it's bad for you, and that it's been linked to Diabetes and Obesity almost directly....right? Well I guess someone did not get that message to the Corn Refiners Association.

Right....hold on wait....I just saw a commercial on the TV that said that "Corn Syrup is natural"......Well is it?   Lets be honest here.  HFCS has gotten a BAD name in the past 3 years.  I mean BAD. When "unhealthy" people know what the food industry is doing to make them fat...guess what...the gig is up.  And that's when they evolve their marketing.  This is the message that your trainer tries to fill into your brain during sessions and that people try try try to explain when you are looking at the FRONT of a box and not looking at the BACK of the box usually where the nutrition label is located. Why do you think the label is on the back? Think about that for a second.  So what does "evolving marketing" look like? Well again lets ask the Corn Refiners Association. 

The CRA is spending BILLIONS of dollars on THESE COMMERCIALS  trying to give High Fructose Corn Syrup a Chris Brown-esque face lift for hitting Americans in the face everyday with rumors of obesity and bulging waistlines.  They claim that it is "an effort to help clarify the labeling of food products to consumers", but I think we know what has happened here.  


HFCS got SUCH a bad wrap that even Gatorade stopped making their sports drinks with the sugar substitute.  And created an entire marketing campaign that showed it in big bold letters that the ingredient was no longer in their drink.  Hmm sounds like a lot of trouble for a product that the CRA considers a "natural" substitute? Get real guys.  

So this yet once again is showing you guys out there that these guys are SMART. They do this because they know what we like...what we hate...and what are our vices.  They know when we sleep, they know when we  work and best believe they know WHEN and WHAT we eat and they target us.  

But I want to challenge another thought.  Lets stop putting a scapegoat out there for Americans just being fat.  This is ONE thing but it is not THE reason that you are fat.  You are fat because you are a lazy american who doesn't look at the back of the box.  You are lazy because you will spend 30.00 a week (5x eating out a week) on fast food and then complain that organic food is expensive. Well of course it is after you just bought the Baconator combo (with a "diet" coke of course...smh)  3x a week for a month straight. 

Prioritize your choices and you will prioritize your life and take control of it.  I believe in you and I know you can do the right thing. We didn't as a society "just get fat overnight"....It was small choices that were made over and over again that put us in the negative as society.  Now it's time to make those small choices in the other way....lets get it. 

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