Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 Simple Processed Food Substitutions

Many Americans eating a "healthy" diet are actually consuming products that are not all natural and have additives or are processed. Lets take a look at some of these items and make substitutions so that you an eat the best you possibly can at every meal. I have made the determination of "best", "better" and "worst based on how much these items are processed.


Best: Raw Apple


Better: Applesauce

Worst: Apple Pastry

2. Oranges

Best: Raw Orange

Better: 100% Orange Juice (note: I said 100%)

Worst: Orange Gatorade

3. Peaces

Best: Raw Peach

Better: Canned Peaches (in WATER)

Worst: Canned Peaches (in SYRUP)

4. Pinapples

Best: Raw Pineapple

Better: Canned Diced Pineapples

Worst: Pineapple fruit-cup/cocktail

5. Spinach

Best: Raw Spinach

Better: Bagged Pre-washed Spinach

Worst: Frozen Creamed Spinach

6. Soups

Best: Soup from scratch with raw ingredients

Better: Canned Soup

Worst: Dehydrated Soup

7. Beef

Best: Grass Fed Beef

Better: Grain Fed Beef

Worst: Frozen Beef Patties

8. Chicken

Best: Boneless/Skinless FRESH chicken Breasts

Better: Deli Sliced Chicken

Worst: Chicken Nuggets

9. Eggs

Best: Pasture Raised Eggs

Better: Omega-3 fortified Eggs

Worst: Egg Beaters

10. Yogurt

Best: PLAIN Yogurt

Better: FLAVORED Yogurt

Worst: Flavored Yogurt drink

If you notice with all of these examples, you see that the best choice is the most raw form of the category. This is not an accident. The most raw forms of foods will have the most nutritional whole and beneficial properties for your body in terms of vitamins, minerals, and sustenance. Although this is more of a beginner topic, I want everyone to take a look at these and get reacquainted and familiar with these substitutions. They will help you make great decisions while you are in the supermarket. While the "best" choice may not always be available, you can always make it a "better" one right?....RIGHT!


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