Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Ways To Stop Habitually Overeating

Have you ever ate a meal and then felt like you needed to be forklifted from the table?

This is called "overeating" and these tips will help you stop wasting your efforts from the gym at the dinner/lunch table.

5.) Know the difference between 'hungry' and 'STARVING'.

-hungry means that you are looking forward to your next meal and you can eat within the hour.

-STARVING on the other hand, means that if you do not eat immediately you will start to be in binge eating territory. Typical symptons of "starving" are when your blood sugar levels are so low that they can force you to become uncomfortable, light headed, or even jittery.

4.) Refuel every 5 hours

-A good way to stop this is to refuel every 4 hours with a light snack in between meals. This snack must not exceed 150 calories, so maybe fruit or unsalted almonds could help tie you over until your next meal.

3. Low Calorie, BUT....high volume meals.

-This is important because some stealth health foods package themselves as "low calorie" but the reason they are low calorie is because their ingredients don't pack a healthy punch.

-Choose fresh fruit over dried. Have a salad, but combine it with lean meat such as tuna or lean chicken.


-Fiber is a very important part of your daily intake. You should consider fiber because its primary objective is to keep you full throughout the day. So try to incorporate fruits like Apples and carrots which are naturally dense in fiber to eat as your 150 calorie snack.

1. HEALTHY Protein every meal.

Notice the HEALTHY is capitalized. There is a reason for that. Food companies are very very smart and they know the health trends almost better than trainers and dieticians because they pay people to do market research and competitive analysis against their healthier counterparts selling the same products. Make sure to eat High Protein, but also make sure that it is good protein composition compared to the sodium/carbs/sugar. A recent purdue study of 46 women who took in high protein (30% of their diet) felt more full throughout the day as compared to the others. These women also gained more lean body mass out of the course of eating this protein composition as well.

These tips should help you stop your overeating habits and level set your nutrition throughout the day. Good Luck!


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  1. Really interesting post. Keep 'em coming! PS I had organic carrot sticks and an apple for my afternoon snack today! Good to know it was a good choice!!