Thursday, July 1, 2010

Did You Notice a Missing Ingredient in Gatorade Lately???

If you didn't notice this missing ingredient the first thing I would say to you is that you need to start paying more attention to Nutrition Labeling!!!!!

The missing ingredient in Gatorade after their new launch of G2 and Protein packed drinks is (drum roll please)


Yes people...they completely took it out of their product. Don't believe it? Check the link below


My point with this is simple.  People actually dictate the food industry not the other way around.  Food companies change with our own behaviors and our own consciousness.  If we change our ways of eating to more efficient ways and demand more natural products, the food companies will have no choice but to go along with our elevated consciousness or they will be left out of the loop.  It is the old principle of supply and demand.  If we demand better, they will supply it.  They will literally lose out on billions if they do not.  This is one example of Consumerism changing the way the food industry thinks.  What can you guys do to change some of the other things? Quite simply...don't buy them. 


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