Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jenny/Erika Workout 1-28-10

Workout 1

Shoulder Press. 3x12
Lat Raise. 3x12
Front Raise. 3x10
Plate Circles. 3x12

Elbow Crunch. 4x12
Leg Bicycles. 3x15
Elevated Plank. 3x45s

CARDIO (after workout)

2:00 tread warmup
4/30s Speed bursts
4/30s Pace Runs.

So if you were at 5.6 on the treadmill you go to 6.5 for 30 seconds then go back to 5.6 for 30sec.

Workout 2

Lat Pull. 4x12
Body Row. 2x5
Upright Row. 3x10
Bicep Curls. 3x10
Hammer Curls. 3x10

Full situp. 3x15
Bicycle Kicks. 3x15
Plank (leg elevated) 3x45s


Repeat from Workout 1

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