Sunday, January 10, 2010

Can Your Stemware Make a Statement About Your Fitness?

Stemware has always been a clever way to make a statement about yourself when you are having company over.  Stemless...Balloon...Deep....etc. So many to choose.

But what if your stemware made the statement that you are all about fitness?  Now it can. 

Wine-Trax glasses are a new and clever way to monitor calories and your control your portions. The methodology is simple.  Adding frosted rings to the stemware that "look" like harmless decor, but in fact they are measuring sticks for four, six, and eight ounces so that you know exactly what you are pouring into your cup.  Pretty neat huh?

This will give you a way to not feel so bad about drinking because you know exactly what you are consuming.  The best part about it....

You don't have to tell your guests your secret!!!! :o)

If you would like to make a purchase check out for more information.


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