Monday, July 6, 2009

Mission Statement


Welcome to BryensBootCamp. This is a fitness blog created to give you the latest trends in the fitness/ nutrition world. My name is Bryen, and I will refer to myself as Corporal Punishment for the rest of the time on this website. I am a personal trainer and love seeing clients take on the passion that I have for fitness, and an active way of life. My philosphy is:

80% Nutrition
20% Exercise Science/Form

In order to be a part of my program and for me to be able to cultivate and train in the correct manner, you MUST HAVE THESE THREE THINGS IN YOUR MIND AT ALL TIMES. If you are ready and willing in your heart to change your life, and change the way your body looks, I can help you. On the other hand, there is no pill/shot/invention/scalpel/syringe that will provide the determination you need to achieve both short-term and long-term health goals.

As you can tell, the numbers listed above total to 110%. That is what you have to give of yourself in order to see change. If you are 110% committed, then you are ready to learn from me. I will give 110% as long as you give me the same. This is why I create CUSTOMIZED AND PERSONAL training programs for my clients. These are specifically picked for your bodytype, (endomorphic/ectomorphic/apple shaped/pear shaped, etc.) and for your purpose (to be tone, to lose fat, to gain more muscular dexterity, etc.). Although you may see fundamental "staples" of basic workouts, BryensBootCamp workouts change from client to client. Keep in mind that I want to see your results and changes almost as bad as you do. And if I want it more than you do, then are not ready for BryensBootCamp, and I will make sure that you are pointed in the right direction. Once you are ready to give me that 110% I am ready to give it right back and we can get started!

My mission is also education. I do not want to have the same clients for the rest of my life. I want to instill within my clients, (once our time is done and our goal that we set out for initially is met) that they can do it for themselves. They just need to learn the methodology, the science, and the fundamentals for proper muscle growth/ nutrition/ and training. I worked as a personal trainer at a gym, but realized that charging people is NOT the same as EDUCATING people. If you move away, or your trainer leaves the facility, the trainer will still ultimately have all the knowledge. You will have to start all over again from scratch! I didn't want that to happen to my clients when I left the gym that I was working for, and I REFUSE to let it happen to any of you!

I am accepting new clients (students) currently! Does your trainer maintain professionalism throughout your workout? Does he/she give you a positive attitude? Will they dare you to be great? Can you tell that your trainer is merely counting your reps, and not changing your mindset? Is your trainer as focused as you are?

IF the answer to those questions are "no"...then it is time for you to upgrade your trainer, and change your life. For Pricing information please email me at:

To My Clients: Enjoy the blog. Remember my training is supposed to be FUN! Although my sessions are not easy, remember that we work hard so you can play harder.

To everyone else: I hope this will lead you to a more active lifestyle and a greater appreciation for the committment and effort of a healthier life. No one is perfect, and I am not either, but it would be an honor to take that first step with you outside of your sedentary life in the trenches and onto the battlefield.

Over and Out,

--Corporal Punishment--

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