The 21 Day Cleanse

This summer while training my clients I decided to embark on a journey.  Admittedly I have struggled with my diet in the past and it is definitely one of my vices.  I always tell my clients when I first start training them that they will have to make some sacrifices in order to get where they need to go.  I also tell them that they are going to have keep steady with what they are doing in order to see progress each week.  So while training my clients I noticed the trend of trainers merely "telling" people what to do and how to eat instead of putting their own body through it.  I am not a "do as I say...and not as I do" trainer.  I am a trainer that wants you to succeed in life, at work, and especially in the gym.

So to show my clients what discipline truly means. I had my Nutritionist Chaun Williams put together a plan for me that was NO NONSENSE, and I did this plan for 21 days.  No cheating. Followed to a tee.  Here are the results.

THIS WAS FROM DAY 1-----10/1

As you can tell, lol. I was not very enthused to embark on this journey.  No one wants to work on the weakest parts of them, which is why you always see guys in the gym with HUGE bellies lifting 300 lbs on bench.  Naturally people usually only wanna work on what makes them feel the best.

So here goes the next picture:


As you can probably see, my body is starting to change.  I am a bit more vascular with more definition in my abdominals as well as my shoulders/arms. This is right about the part where I was starting to hate my life, but fall in love with how my body was falling into line with what I was trying to complete from the first day.  That is the thing about fitness.  It is a trade-off.  You sacrifice certain things so you can enjoy others.

Now for the last and final photo:


As you can see the overall results are exactly what I was looking for.  Upper abs, Lower Abs, the internal and external obliques showing;.Biceps Brachii and Forearms distinguished, Trapezius Muscle well defined.

This is what you should be willing to do if you are serious about fitness. Start by setting your goal. Mine was to get ripped in 21 days with a strenuous workout routine (which is coming later) and a HEALTHY cleanse. This is not the traditional cleanse that makes you starve yourself. NO. If that is what you are looking for, then you need to look elsewhere.  This meal plan is well balanced and if you use your Daily Energy Requirements for it, you should see great results.  If you couple that with the workout routine that I did (Recommended for males 150-220 lbs) then you will DEFINITELY see results doing both of them.

With that being doesn't have to be as extreme as this 21 day cleanse, BUT if you are looking to take your fitness to the next level


The 21 day cleanse is available via pay pal on the right hand column. for only $19.99.  So instead of going to McDonalds/Qdoba/Chipotle and spending that on the dollar menu with your significant other, get on the fast track with my cleanse and get closer to the life and the body that you have always wanted and dreamed of in the past. Now is your future. Make it count.

If I put myself through this and got these results what can it do for you?