Monday, May 25, 2020

With Crisis Comes Clarity

COVID-19 has been a giant test of our infrastructures, our processes, our technological capabilities.  And most importantly, I think it has been a very up close and personal test of how we are living our day to day lives and "work/life balance" [whatever that means :) ]

It's interesting looking at my previous post I have a quote in there:

How do I make sure they keep their eye on the prize and don't lose their focus in a world and environment that requires your attention to be on everything......but your health? 

I had no idea writing that sentence on February 14, 2020 how relevant it would really be on today's date just a couple of months later.   In short order...the world fell apart while seemingly trying to stay together.  Everything in our lives that had "importance" suddenly lost SIGNIFICANCE.  When reality hit did REFLECTION.  Where we slowed down in certain areas like professional sports; we ACCELERATED in other areas like personal growth.

The economic impact of COVID-19 will be lasting and so will the effects on our personal lives.  They have been describing it as our "new normal" and you have to ask yourself what that new normal really means to you? It is such a complex and unique situation for each of us. Some of us have gone from being the bred winner of the family to the caregiver.  Some of us have gone from having completely structured lives based off of their financial needs or work to living lives more focused around having time for family and our health.  And some of us...sadly...never made it and were lost during this transition period to the other side of that new my cousin in Opelika, Alabama.  Who unfortunately passed from COVID-19 last month.

For me personally I used to always champion and laud the expression "You can't cheat the grind" like it was some medal, or badge of honor.  I didn't realize the dangers of "the grind" mentality...until I slowed down for a second. You can't drive your car with your foot on the gas pedal the entire why are we trying to navigate our lives in the same manner? I have been focusing more time and energy during this past month not necessarily "watching sports" (because not a damn thing is on), but getting a better understanding of what makes people GREAT at the end of the day. One Saturday night as an example, I watched hours and hours of old Mike Tyson fights.  I noted how strong and powerful he was in the ring physically of course; but I also took note of how mentally tough he was inside or outside of the ring.  It was astonishing. If some of you may remember; even though he had all of this strength, power, and bravado..."Iron" Mike Tyson is also known for this famous quote: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

Well folks....we got a right hook last month.  Right in the kisser lol.  Socially, economically, name it.  We got hit. But what happens after you get hit? Do you get back up or do you stay there on the ground?

I am going to be offering a limited 25% off (25.00) COVID Credit on our next Virtual Training Session from our regular pricing.  Our new format has gym options, no weights options, as well as more traditional "Boot Camp" style HIIT workouts that you can do in your home with limited equipment.  I had to make a pivot last month by adding an additional plan for each body type whether you have access to a gym, limited equipment, etc. Everyone is in a different situation and scenario so I wanted to accommodate for such. Yes....that means you will get TWO plans per body type in this next session for the price of one.

So whether you are trying to get your mind in the right place or get your mind off of some things that happened last month (like that quarantine 15lbs you might have gained (no judgment))....

Let's add some WELLNESS back into the equation.
Let's add the structure back to your life that fell apart last month.
Let's add some focus to this "new normal" whereas we have been reeling for the past month.

Success is never a straight line.  We have our ups and downs.  And because of this, the Virtual Training Program has a FB Motivation group with all participants that serve as a community to motivate and inspire, but to also hold each other accountable.  I will keep you anchored and balanced along your journey to make sure you are on the right path to your new normal. 

I wish you happiness.  I wish you peace.  And I wish you good health now and forever. 

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Registration Deadline-5/30/2020 
Duration: 21 Days + Orientation Week starting June 1, 2020 

Product Offering and Non-Negotiables: 

  • Before/After Photos to check progress and gains made.  
  • Daily Food/Workout Log and Tracking 
  • Private FB Motivation/Accountability Group 
  • Weekly Food/Workout/Weight Audits by Yours Truly 
  • Weekly Accountability Check in 
  • 15 spots ONLY First Come First Serve